I'm Tez Locke. I'm a songwriter/artist based in the UK in the beautiful county of Devon.

This website is where I showcase my songs. I am always posting new songs here so please be sure to visit often to see/hear what's new. I have an extensive catalog of original songs and am always seeking publishing deals and placements for my work. If you are looking for new material to work with and like something you hear then please contact me.

All my songs are available for downloading for a small fee with ONE notable exception.

My song, Howling At The Moon, is now officially released through the Copper Brown Record label and is available for downloading from all the usual top digital outlets. (see poster for details) There is a video that accompanies the song which you can watch here and on youtube.

I also have a Facebook page dedicated to me and my music under the name Tez Locke so please visit that and 'like' the page to get updates of gigs, new songs and other stuff as it happens.

You might like to know I have other songs available to hear that I call my 'musical sketches', works in progress that are awaiting professional production. To appreciate these I ask you to take your imagination with you, but I would rather they existed and had some form at least than not to exist at all. You can find these on my soundcloud page.

Howling At The Moon is now officially released and is free to roam the Earth! Released on the Copper Brown Record Label. It is available for download on all the major digital platforms so please go and give it a listen and buy it! Thank you for your support.

It's finally here! 

My song, Howling At The Moon is now available from all the major digital platforms and is available as a full length version, a radio edit and an instrumental version. Also, there is a video to accompany the song which is to be released on Feb 23rd so look out for that and make sure you see it to the end!

Happy New Year for 2018! 

Well, here it is, 2018...looking forward to the release of my song Howling At The Moon through Copper Brown Records hopefully any time now. Busy writing, recording and getting a live set together with some great musicians so am going into this new year with a very positive, inspired, creative and upbeat mood. Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride! Happy New Year to you all, may it bring you health, happiness and opportunities to seize upon.

Copper Brown video shoot! 

Just heard from my label, Copper Brown, that casting for my video shoot has completed and it is to be shot on location in Camden on 29/11/17. Very excited. As it stands we are looking at a Jan/Feb release date 2018. Watch this space.

Copper Brown 

Very proud to be associated with London based label, Copper Brown and to have one of my songs, 'Howling At The Moon' signed with them. You guys are awesome!

Over the moon! 

Very excited  to at long last be able to report that I have just signed contracts on one of my songs, 'Howling At The Moon' to be recorded and released by London based record label Copper Brown. It has been a very long road that has brought me to this point and to say that I am chuffed to bits would be the understatement of the year! Watch this space and stay tuned. Hear the song in its original format here.

If I Didn't Have To Work 

My stepdaughter has at long last moved out and got a place of her own and I at the same time got a space of my own -  her old room! I told my girlfriend that it would be 'our' space...but it sure does make a good studio!

This is where I can mostly be found these days, jamming, thinking, creating and watching cat videos on facebook and not doing the housework much to the disdain of my full time working girlfriend who shares my life and puts up with me. I am lucky I only work part time, but it's still an intrusion in my life as all I want to do is 'pick up my guitar and play' or, as I wrote in my song,'If I Didn't Have To Work'!

So far 2017 is proving to be very creative and I have written several new songs already. I really feel I am writing my best songs lately and am really getting in the flow.

You won't believe the different ways and places these songs suddenly come to me...

I got the blues! 

Two latest tracks have a distinct blues, blues/rock feel to them. Dead Of Night and Storm Brewing. Dead Of Night has a solid walking pace dark groove to it, full of melancholy with a sense of loss and emptiness. Classic blues with a contemporary feel with a twist of Twin Peaks strangeness in the guitar solo. Good stuff, hope you like it. 
Storm Brewing is hot off the press. An old song of mine and I am pleased to finally have recorded it. My good friend and collaborator, Mat Cook, who also produces the tracks lays down some solid hard rock guitar work here with a soaring lead solo that takes you up into the stratosphere! Great driving music, turn it up!

Back in business! 

Well, after a long break from my dedicated web page, I am back! tezlocke.com is back in business and giving you a window into my songwriting and producing of my original tracks and MY personal style of music. I have uploaded some new tracks which I hope you like. The more sophisticated sounding ones are produced, as always, by my good friend and fellow musician, Mat Cook. He always manages to make me sound good! The other tracks (inferior from a recording point of view) are produced by myself and are to be seen (or rather, heard) as musical sketches, if you will. At least in this way I manage to give them life and get them off the page and into an audible format. Turning all of my songs into professionally produced tracks takes time and costs money. That will always be a work in progress for me as I am a prolific writer and have  a lot of catching up to do! Meanwhile, it's good to be back. I hope you enjoy my songs. Thanks for listening, as always. Tez Locke

Sunset Girl 

At last, my latest song has been recorded and I just got the final mix. Sunset Girl is a departure from my usual Country kinda stuff and ventures more into Northern Soul territory! Nice change for me and I hope you like the end result. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Catch Me When I Fall 

I wrote this song on New Year's Day this year, 2015, and at last here it is, recorded. Hope you like it. It was written and sung straight from the heart and I do hope that with the sublime musical/production talents of my good friend Mat Cook, combined with the magical voice of my gorgeous and talented step-daughter, Lizzie Bedford, we have managed to convey the emotion within the lyrics. I think we pulled it off, but that is for you, the listener, to decide. It is, of course, available for download here @ tezlocke.com

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